Coffin Candle

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Coffin Candle - black 

These amazing coffin shaped candles were created by our good friend Jase of Eldertree Apothecary after I asked him to craft something specific for a client and something that I could not source anywhere else - as always, he came through and has created these amazingly perfect coffin shaped candles! 

Coffin candles are perfect for banishing, releasing, and death related spells - not death as in causing it to your enemies but the death or ending of a situation, relationship or health issues etc. 

Pop your herbs, parchment, photo or other materials inside, carefully place the lid on top and either seal the coffin with melted wax or bind with appropriate binding. 

You can also carve (gently) onto the lid, anoint and burn. 

*CAUTION: as with loaded candles, the more you fill the faster your candle will burn and may cause a fire hazard - Please take extra care and place candle on a large fire proof surface away from other items or breeze and keep an eye on it. Use common sense and burn responsibly.