Abalone Shell - large

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Abalone Shells have become popular smudging accessories World-wide. 

When used in smudging, you simply place your smouldering white sage or other sacred herbs in the shell and carry it around to purify the space with the ritual smoke.

  • Average 15cm x 11.5cm x 3cm

Abalone Shells are also beautiful and spiritually purposeful in their own right.

Their stunning rainbow of colours increase feelings of peace, compassion, beauty and love and are extremely calming.

Abalone Shells are helpful for soothing the nerves and emotional turmoil, they encourage a calming energy and can also help gently open the psychic and intuitive connection.

Abalone Shells are used to enhance commitments, co-operation and communication to create harmony and balance wherever they are placed.

Deeply cleansed by the Water Element as it's spent so long in the Ocean, this makes it perfect for working with the Water Element and anything to do with emotions and emotional balance.

Used in healing, Abalone Shells are said to help strengthen the immune system, increase strength and stamina as well as energize the physical body.