Mens Group

Mens Group - Hosted by Adam "The Rune Guy"

I have found that people (myself included), often find strength in hearing from others how they are dealing with (or have dealt with) life issues.

Knowing that many of us are faced with similar challenges can make these issues and situations less daunting. 

Mens Group is a non-judgmental gathering of men of all ages and all walks of life, coming together to discuss a range of topics such as depression, mental illness, homelessness, relationships or anything else you need to get off your chest.

There is no pressure to speak, but by being part of the group, you may find comfort in knowing you are not alone in facing struggles and help others in the same way.

We meet every second FRIDAY upstairs at Lylliths' Emporium from 6pm to chat and bounce ideas off each other to help motivate and encourage those going through struggles.