Agni Manitite "Divine Pearl of Fire"

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Agni Manitite, also called Pearl of Divine Fire

These stones are known as a pseudo tektite because of its appearance similar to tektites, but it's argued that it may actually be a form of natural Obsidian. 

As with Moldavite and other highly sought after minerals, tektites and stones, please be careful when purchasing as there are unfortunately many, many fraudulent people selling fake stones. 

Agni Manitite is an extremely powerful stone energetically, it promotes creativity and encourages you to utilise your inner strength, courage and manifest your goals into reality.

Perfect for those who are prone to procrastination, creative people who have lost their motivation and anyone who is looking to work with a highly vibrational stone for spiritual journeys, development and growth.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful piece

Such a beautiful piece. They really come to life when you put a light to light them.
Perfect intuitive pick. Very calming energy to it. Great size and very affordable.
Looking forward to working with it.