Albizzia Bark

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Albizzia Bark - Albizzia lebbeck - dried 10g

  • Other Names: lebbeck, lebbek tree, flea tree, frywood, koko and woman's tongue tree.
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Element: Water
  • Powers: Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Happiness, Love
  • Deities: 

Magickal Uses: Albizzia is used in purification spells, as well as spellwork for love & healing - particularly self love and gaining confidence.

It is also placed beneath the pillow to induce prophetic dreams. A bath with an Albizzia infusion is said to destroy curses and hexes and guard against these re-occuring. 

Healing Properties: Lebbeck is an astringent, also used by some cultures to treat boils, cough, to treat the eye, flu, gingivitis, lung problems, pectoral problems, is used as a tonic, and is used to treat abdominal tumors.[7] The bark is used medicinally to treat inflammation.[8] This information was obtained via ethnobotanical records, which are a reference to how a plant is used by indigenous peoples, not verifiable, scientific or medical evaluation of the effectiveness of these claims. Albizia lebbeck is also psychoactive.[9] - Source: 




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