Angel Wings Selenite #1

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Angel Wings (or Fishtail) Selenite features a unique pattern resembling either angel wings or fishtail depending on what you see. 

Angel Wings Selenite is the ideal crystal to place on the Soul Star, an energy centre that sits above the Crown Chakra. The Soul Star is your quintessential integration point between the Cosmos and your Crystalline Matrix (Energetic Body’s & Physical Body).

Angel Wings Selenite creates a strong bond between the mortal mind and the immortal divinity in the Universe.

Selenite is a beautiful, calming, tranquil and peaceful stone. Take care not to get it wet as it will dissolve in time from moisture - we suggest cleansing them either by keeping them with cleansing stones such as Carnelian, or using a smudge and cleansing them in the smoke.

Selenite has a beautiful fine vibration bringing clarity of mind. It opens and activates the crown and higher crown chakras connecting us to the Divine and allowing us to consciously receive messages from these pure light energies.

Perfect for meditation, Selenite instills peace and enhances telepathy. Selenite is an ancient stone which is believed to be one of the most powerful stones for the new vibrations of the Earth.

Selenite makes for a wonderful, protective grid in the home refusing entry to negative and outside influences and placed in the center of the home provides a peaceful atmosphere.

In healing, Selenite is most commonly used to realign the spinal column and increase flexibility, it is also considered to help reduce epileptic seizures and also neutralize mercury.