Apache Tears

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Apache Tear is a much gentler form of Black Obsidian making it perfect for those who are sensitive, younger children and Empaths who haven't yet learnt to block others energy.

As with Black Obsidian, Apache Tear will bring up negative emotions, memories and issues which need to be dealt with, but it does so in a slow and gentle manner so that the energy can be transmuted and accepted without being overwhelming.

A wonderful stone for absorbing and protecting from negative energy and for protecting the Aura, it grounds and cleanses the Earth Chakra. 

Apache Tear is an excellent stone for those who may be grieving, it helps provide insight to the source of distress and alleviates long term grievances. These stones promote forgiveness, including of the self, they remove self-limitations, increase spontaneity and calm the emotions to bring balance.

See also Black Obsidian for additional properties.