Bear Claw Pendant #02

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Handmade Black bear claw pendant, made with an ethically, and legally sourced (permit number provided) black bear claw.

This claw has been sealed. *sealing helps protect the claw as it is a natural animal product, and also helps protect from insects*

Finished with waxed cotton cord and a rune bead (Algiz, protection)

Claw measures approximately 4cm long, 2cm wide


Customer Reviews

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Such a beautiful and powerful piece to wear, especially with the added rune bead and adjustable cord. The fact that these products are all ethically sourced is such a wonderful thing as well, as you never know when buying things like this, and I wouldn’t have it any other way in a perfect world. Must have for any enthusiasts or occasion.

Excellent product

I got this bear claw pendant. They were able to put a wooden beed on mine with an aunk on it. It was simply beautiful and fantastic. It's extremely good and it is also extremely powerful item. For a few months I have been dealing with a massive cist on the back of my neck. It has been causing me a lot of pain. I put my bear claw pendant on for only a few minutes to adjust it to my fit. That night my cist ruptured and I felt 100 times better. I felt the power of this claw from the very beginning I laid my hands on it. I do highly recommend this item. But be wary as it's extremely powerful.