Black Moonstone - Tumbled Stones

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Black Moonstone isn't actually a form of Moonstone, but rather a form of Labradorite. Black Moonstone is the trade name of the stone.

Black Moonstone is an excellent stone for metaphysical pursuits of all kinds, it protects and opens your energy field to much higher vibrations.

Hold Black Moonstone when you need a mentor or spiritual guide and ask the stone to send such a person or guide to you whether from the spiritual or physical realm.

A stone connected to the Black Madonna or Magdalene, Black Moonstone holds a powerful connection to the feminine divine.

Black Moonstone filters out energy picked up from others, making it wonderful for sensitive people. Used to grid the home, Black Moonstone attracts abundance, promotes a calm and serene atmosphere, stabilizes rocky relationships and is particularly useful around teenagers.

A wonderful stone for creativity and concentration, making it excellent to hold or keep on you whilst studying.

Black Moonstone increases stamina, helps those who are accident prone, promotes focus and co-ordination. 

In healing, Black Moonstone is helpful for the colon, kidneys, liver, spleen, stomach and female reproductive system. It can stimulate recovery from stroke, in treating Parkinsons Disease, balancing female hormonal cycle and during menopause.