Black Obsidian - Tumbled Stones

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Black Obsidian is an extremely powerful and creative stone, it grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane under the direction of conscious will making it possible to manifest spiritual energies on Earth - Self control is increased when using this stone.

A stone of truth and acceptance of responsibilities, actions and emotions, Black Obsidian forces you to face your true self by bringing up deep issues and things from the past in order to make you face them, accept them, learn from them, deal with and release them. This can be quite confronting for many people but also enables growth and moving forward.

When Black Obsidian forces past issues to the surface, it does so not only from the present life, but also from past lives and ancestors, any negativity which is affecting the present.

A stone of spiritual growth, Black Obsidian teaches that to be empowered is not to wield personal power but rather to channel the power for the greater good. 

A protective stone, it repels negativity and removes unloving thoughts, it is extremely useful for those unwilling or unable to let go of past relationships in order to move on and also offers support in times of change.

Black Obsidian has long been used in Shamanic rituals and ceremonies to remove physical health issues, it also has the gift of prophecy and Black Obsidian spheres are among the most powerful meditation and scrying aids - however should only be used by those who are able to consciously process the visions shown and use this knowledge for the highest good of all without allowing Ego to step forward. Clear Quartz is often used on conjunction to ground the Black Obsidian and to help the visions be seen clearer.

For healing, Black Obsidian is wonderful for grounding, centering and unblocking mental barriers, it is recommended that care be taken when using Black Obsidian as it is so strong and may cause confusion or even arrogance in some people who may otherwise never show these characteristics.