Bronzite - Tumbled Stones

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Bronzite is a wonderful stone for those always on the go, it instills a state of simply "being" allowing you to comfortably do nothing and simply exist. Excellent for those who struggle to calm the mind and be still for mediation purposes.

Long used as a talisman against curses, negative thoughts, ill-wishing and negative energies, it is said that Bronzite returns these negative energies to the sender protecting you from the attacker. However if used for this purpose take great care as Bronzite returns these energies increased significantly and as the energy bounces back and forth between the protected and the attacker, the protected will be aware of the energetic disturbance and the attacker will become extremely ill.

It is suggested to use Black Tourmaline in conjunction to the Bronzite as it will absorb the negative energy, immediately stopping the interaction and deflecting the attention away from the source.

Another caution to consider if you intend to use Bronzite for the above property is to ensure you are not subconsciously causing the negativity to yourself with emotions and thoughts of self doubt, lack of confidence or depression as you may unintentionally be sending the negative energy back onto yourself and so on.

Bronzite is a stone of courtesy, it strengthens non judgmental opinions of others, promotes decisive action and helps ground and protect.

A wonderful stone when feeling powerless or find yourself in the middle of circumstances out of your own control, when feeling trapped, hold Bronzite to increase self-assertion, restore composure and keep a cool and level head. It will help you see the bigger picture and help you to go with the flow.

In healing, Bronzite helps treat chronic exhaustion, iron levels, cramps and nerves as well as pain relief.

Bronzite balances the masculine Yang energy within the body or psyche.