Cascarilla powder - compacted

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Cascarilla powder (sometimes referred to as Cascara, peace powder or protection powder) is ground eggshell which has been powdered.

Cascarilla is used for protection, cleansing, peace and also for repelling negative energy or spirits.

Generally it is sprinkled in the corners of the home, each room or as a barrier around the entire house or property. You can also sprinkle it along window ledges, doorways, used to draw your Circles and symbols etc. 

It can even be used in cooking recipes and is high in calcium.

Other uses include:

  • Drawing symbols
  • Floor Washes
  • Mojo Bags
  • Circle Casting
  • Spellwork
  • Spiritual cleansings

When used to create a Circle, it's much gentler on the floor than salt and doesn't cause any damage to timber, vacuum cleaners or outdoor gardens.

  • Average weight per little packet is 18g
  • Very soft and easy to re-powder, or add a little water to mould into chalk or paint