Charoite - tumbled stones

Lylliths' Emporium


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A stone of transformation, Charoite is a gorgeous soul stone that enables us to overcome fear, stimulate inner vision, and provides insight.

Charoite is the perfect stone to help us adjust and deal with change, particularly big changes on a spiritual level.

Working on the heart and crown chakras, Charoite cleanses the aura and helps us to adapt and accept unconditional love, it promotes vibrational change and helps us link to our spiritual guides for futher clarity.

Charoite also helps us accept the present moment, provides a deep cleanse both physically and emotional in order to heal. A stone which helps us accept others and reduce our own obsessions and addictions.

A wonderful stone for reducing stress and anxiety, Charoite also provides us with a little push of motivation and is useful in working with our own karma from this and previous lives.

Healers often use Charoite to convert negative energies and disease into positive and wellness. It can provide energy when we are drained and exhausted, regulates blood pressure, treats eyes, heart, liver, pancreas, alleviates pain and cramps, reduces insomnia and promotes a restful nights sleep with powerful dreams yet gentle enough for children. 

Charoite has also been found to help those with Autism and Bipolar disorders.