Chrysoprase - A grade

Lylliths' Emporium


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Chrysoprase is a beautiful stone which promotes a sense of being, it is wonderful for meditation as it helps promote a deep medatative state. Since Ancient times, Chrysoprase has been used to promote a love of the truth and fidelity. 

A crystal for talent and creativity, Chrysoprase draws out our abilities and talents in a creative and stimulating way - useful for artists and designers, writers and creative types.

In business and love, Chrysoprase promotes faithfulness and fidelity among partnerships and relationships. 

Chrysoprase brings universal love and energy into the physical body by energizing the heart and sacral chakras, it is calming and reduces egotistical traits.

In healing, Chrysoprase is used for meditation, relaxation and peaceful sleep, enhances fertility, skin disease heart problems, balances hormones, digestive system, releases trauma and locked emotions caused in childhood and helps unblock and cope with issues from this age in order to help us move forward in adulthood. Reduces claustrophobia and helps dissolve nightmares.