Citrine Cluster on Base

Lylliths' Emporium


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This stunning cluster stands approximately 22cm tall (excluding base) and weighs a whopping 4kg.

Citrine is often referred to as the "Money Stone" as it is one of the most common stones of abundance, it teaches us how to manifest and create success, wealth and good fortune as well as sharing our prosperity without loosing it ourselves.

A happy and joyful stone, Citrine promotes joy and happiness to those who hold it.

As well as it's good luck and prosperity properties, Citrine is also a powerful cleanser and regenerator, with the power of the Sun, Citrine is warming, creative and energizing. It absorbs negativity and grounds such energies making it highly protective of the Environment.

Citrine also protects the aura, cleanses the chakras - particularly the solar plexus and navel chakras, as well as balancing the subtle body and activating the crown chakra opening intuition.

Citrine is a popular stone for those with depression, anger and anxiety as it calms the nerves, uplifts us emotionally and offers protection, warmth and positive energy.

In healing, Citrine is highly beneficial for those suffering from CFS, it assists in treating the spleen, pancreas, kidney and bladder infections, eyes, increases blood circulation, detoxifies and balances the thyroid. Citrine is also known to help relieve constipation and dissolve cellulite. As an elixir it is wonderful for those suffering from menopause as it reduces symptoms including hot flushes and balances the hormones.