Epidote Snowflake - tumbled stones

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Epidote "Snowflake" is Epidote with a higher than usual quartz content.

Epidote is one of the stones which should be avoided by some, as it may have the opposite effect and increase negativity, bringing up feelings and thought patterns which are then quite difficult to transform.

However, for those lucky enough to be able to work with Epidote, it is a truly amazing stone which increase spiritual attunement and helps us to deal with and remove any self resistance to spiritual awakening.

Epidote enhances our perceptions, provides the ability to manifest our desires and goals and encourages us to actively work towards them. Epidote promotes self power and courage, enabling us to enjoy life and strengthen our sense of identity and worth.

Epidote encourages us to set goals from a practical angel rather than from emotions, which in turn enables these goals to be met with ease, it helps us look objectively at our own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of others. 

In healing, Epidote is used to deal with emotional trauma, increase stamina, treat the immune system and nervous system, it supports brain function and increases cellular memory.

*If you feel negative thoughts or emotions creeping up shortly after obtaining or working with Epidote, please stop using it as per the first paragraph. Rather than throwing away a beautiful stone, if someone else is unable to take it, please return it to the Earth by burying the stone in a garden or place it in a flowing creek.