Figure Candle ~ Single Male

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Single Male Figure Candle

These beautiful, detailed Male figure candles are handmade by our friend Jase from Eldertree Apothecary using either soy or beeswax.

They are all unscented for dressing your own candles to suit your intention and purpose.

Available colours:

  • White for purity, truth, commitment, healing and peace.
  • Black for banishing, binding, removing obstacles.
  • Red for lust, romance and desire.
  • Pink for love, friendship and self love/confidence.
  • Green for prosperity, money & wealth, fertility and growth
  • Blue for healing, communication and peace.
  • Yellow to halt gossip, jealousy or legal workings
  • Purple for spiritual growth and development
  • Orange for success

*** Due to being handmade in small batches (usually individually) colour may vary between candles in terms of shade and depth.