Girasol tumbled stones

Lylliths' Emporium


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Girasol is not Moonstone, as commonly referred to, it is in fact a "Blue Opal" - generally man-made glass known also as Opalite.

Girasol strengthens connections between soul groups and teaches us where these relationships are beneficial in the present life. It can bring forward any difficulties among the soul group from the past (past lives) particularly if these issues were not dealt with in the past and brings to light the truths and enables these situations to be looked at and dealt with in the present lifetime.

Girasol is also useful in dealing with Karma from past life experiences which are affecting the present, such as health issues and trauma which were left unresolved to carry forward into this current life.

Spiritually, Girasol promotes action for the higher good, it stimulates metaphysical gifts and is very useful in meditation particularly where one may wish to induce a mild trance state. Girasol is also useful for those working to heal the Earth, as it can assist in these workings.

A creative stone, Girasol stimulates creative flow and enhances communication. 

In healing, Girasol increases Iron absorption, reduces fatigue, helps with vision and eye problems, balances metabolism, reduces hair loss and heals the lymph nodes.