Graveyard Dirt

Lylliths' Emporium


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  • Approx. 1-3 grams
  • Sold in mini ziplock bags.
  • Sold as curios only


Our Graveyard Dirt is collected by us, personally - usually from our local Cemetery though at times we may venture to others. 

When collecting, we sit and speak with the Spirits and only collect from those willing and happy to assist. The Spirits know we collect for our customers and are happy to help, we leave them gifts in return aafter spending time conversing with them. Collecting of Graveyard Dirt is always done respectfully and with honour of the Spirits whos' resting places we collect from. 

We also then mix a sprinkling of Mullein herb to each jar collected.

Graveyard dirt is a powerful and symbolic ingredient or tool used to form a link between the living and the spirits of ancestors. It is also used for protection, curses and various other spellwork.

Please take care when using and we recommend avoiding magick of any kind designed to harm or control another. We reserve the right to refuse sale of our ingredients to those we feel the need to do so and will not be held responsible for any misuse or negligence.

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