Horehound (white)

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White Horehound - 10g

Botanical name: Marrubium vulgare

Folk Names: Bulls Blood, Even of the Star, Haran, Hoarhound, Huran, Llwyd y cwn (Welsh), Marrubium, Maruil, Seed of Horns, Soldiers Tea, White Horehound

  • Gender: Masculine
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Element: Air
  • Deities: Horus
  • Powers: Protection, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Healing

Magickal Uses: Burned to honor Horus, the ancient Egyptian God. Horehound is used in protection sachets, carried to protect against spells and curses. It is also scattered to remove negative energies and is used in exorcism blends.

When drunk as a tea or infusion, it clears your mind, promotes quick thinking and strengthens mental powers - useful as a study tea.

Healing Properties: Horehound has long been used to treat coughs, chest infections, bronchitis, sore throats, diabetes, loss of appetite and flatulence. Used as a poultice, it helps treat wounds and abrasions.

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