Iceland Moss

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Iceland Moss, Cetraria icelandica - 10g

  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Water

Magickal Uses: Any moss taken from a gravestone and carried in your pocket is said to ensure good luck. Moss is often used to stuff poppets in most magick workings.

*Icelandic Moss is not technically a "moss", but rather a lichen. Though both are so closely related and share the same magickal properties.

Shamanic Uses: Said to be a good travel charm, especially when crossing water. It is also useful for traveling in very cold places. Take it with you to Niflheim.

Healing Properties: Traditionally Icelandic Moss has been used to treat tuberculosis. Its demulcent quality is very helpful in conditions that are characterised by dry mucosa, such as persistent, dry coughs and respiratory irritation after prolonged bronchial catarrh that leaves the patient exhausted.





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