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Handmade natural ink, crafted using organic green tea, herbs and resins. (Prosperity Ink also contains a pinch of natural green pigment to enhance colouring).

Prosperity Ink can be used in money and fertility spells and rituals, to write in your Book of Shadows, Journals, for artwork, or other writings.

Can be used with a quill, feather, dip pens or caligraphy pens/ ink pens

30ml round glass bottle

*will cause stains, please be careful




Ingredients: (organic) green tea leaves, patchouli leaf, peppermint leaves, tulsi, filtered water, patchouli essential oil, gum resins, alcohol as preservative.

Customer Reviews

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After I tried to make my own magickal inks via a spell book recipe I have had for many years I failed miserably no matter how I did it! There was no recipe for a Prosperity/Green Ink in my book, and honestly I just wanted to try this ink for personal use and crafting use, in the end I took a leap and purchased this ink for my feathered dip quill to write in my personal Wiccan diary of pointers and spells, upon using the ink I was very impressed with the quality! This ink writes beautifully and smoothly on my parchment paper in my diary, the quill nib does not struggle to pass the ink through the nib, the ink only leaks through my parchment pages at a very very unnoticeable minor degree, which I kind of like anyway. The colour of the ink is good not too bright and not too dull, it could maybe be a little brighter as it does dry a little duller then I expected in the green pigment but it is still perfect as it is, this ink looks amazing when you dip it with a small amount of black ink as it comes out with a deep emerald colour on parchment paper, overall this ink dries quickly on my paper, doesn’t smudge once dried, gives my personal Wiccan diary a rustic and vintage look. Happy customer. Will buy this ink again!