Jet - tumbled stones

Lylliths' Emporium


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Jet is formed from fossilized wood, looks like coal and feels a little like plasticine. It is extremely lightweight often confusing people as to whether or not it is real!

An extremely protective stone, Jet is one of our most recommended stones for spiritual and psychic protection, it has been used as a protection talisman since the Stone Age. Jet draws out negative energy, reduces unreasonable fears and guards against violence and fear. 

Jet has long been used to ward off evil and entities of darkness, protecting it's keeper or wearer from attacks of a spiritual nature.

Jet can also be used on the quest to find spiritual enlightenment, unlock psychic experiences and is a stone of old souls.

It is said that Jet becomes part of the wearer, so any Jet that has been handed down or inherited (as with all pieces really) should be thoroughly cleansed, particularly after each use in healing.

Jet is also a stone to stabilize wealth and finances, it is often placed in a cash box or in the wealth corner of the home or business to help protect business and finances of the premises.

Jet cleanses the base chakra, helps us take control of our own lives and balances mood swings, it is also useful for combating depression.

In healing, Jet treats migraines, epilepsy, colds and flu, stomach pain, glands and lymphatic swelling, traditionally Jet was used to help ease menstrual cramps.

Cleanse regularly, if worn in jewellery Jet prefers to be set in Silver.