Klipp Dagga

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Klipp Dagga, dried aerials 10g

(Not the same plant as Wild Dagga or Lions Tail but closely related)

  • Botanical Name: Leonotis nepetifolia
  • Folk Names: Klip Dagga, Christmas Candlestick, Lions Ear, Shandilay
  • Powers: Divination, Spiritual Journeying

Magickal Uses: Smoked or consumed as a herbal tea piror to vision quests and spiritual journeying.

Healing Properties: *May cause numbing, euphoric-like effects.

Klipp Dagga has been used as tea, tinctures and topically to treat pain, arthritis, fevers, headaches, malaria, heart conditions, anxiety, tension, heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats.

Many smoke this herb for it's euphoric like effects and calming properties, it has been used as a legal substitute for marijuana.



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