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Raw Kunzite from Nigeria

Kunzite is a very tranquil and extremely spiritual stone with a beautiful high vibration.

It opens the heart center to unconditional love and produces loving thoughts and communication, connecting you to universal love and guidance.

Kunzite is extremely helpful for those who struggle to enter into a meditative state as it induces deep and centered state ready for meditation. Kunzite is a protective stone, working with you and your Environment enhancing creativity and humility, it has the ability to dispel negativity and shields the aura from unwanted energies.

Kunzite allows us to accept and act on constructive criticism, whilst allowing free emotional expression, it helps those who had to grow up too fast due to circumstances early in life and allows these people find trust and lost innocence.

A beautiful stone for those dealing with heartache and loss, it clears emotional debris and heals the heart.

Kunzite can be used to alleviate panic attacks and lifts the mood for those suffering from depression.

In healing, Kunzite strengthens the circulatory system and the heart, it can be helpful for those suffering from nerve damage or neuralgia, calms epilepsy, soothes joint pain and arthritis, stimulates the immune system and due to it's lithium properties is beneficial for those with psychiatric disorders, depression and emotional stress related conditions.

Kunzite has also been used for those who are dying, as it helps facilitate the transition and imparts the knowledge the soul requires enabling them to move over into enlightenment without fear.