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Lemon Myrtle, 10g

Botanical name: Backhousia citriodora

Folk Names: Lemon scented myrtle, lemon scented ironwood, sweet verbena tree

Gender: Feminine

Element: Air

Powers: Mental focus, spiritual and intuitive visions

Magickal Uses: Lemon Myrtle can be used in psychic blends, drunk as a divination tea or used in intuitive workings. It also helps clear the mind for focus.

Healing Properties: Lemon Myrtle has been used by Indigenous Australian for centuries for both medicinal and culinary purposes. They were the first to recognize the wonderful properties of this plant and made a paste from the leaves as an antiseptic for treating wounds, burned on fire to repell insects and also added it to their food for taste. There are limited records of Aboriginal lore from those times as information was passed down through song and stories. Though it is also believed they drank an infusion (herbal tea) of Lemon Myrtle for sedative and pain relief benefits.

Most commonly, Lemon Myrtle is used to flavour foods and beverages along with being added to insect repellants and cleaning products. 

In terms of healing properties, Lemon Myrtle helps alleviate coughs, colds, upset stomachs, skin conditions including psoriasis.

Added to herbal teas to improve flavour and also provides a relaxing and sedative effect or can be used on it's own.

Hot;  Add a teaspoon of fresh cut Lemon Myrtle Tea to your favorite black or green tea and steep in a pot of boiling water. Allow to draw. Serve hot with honey.

Cold;  Brew the leaf in a pot for a few minutes, add honey to taste, allow to cool, strain off liquid and refrigerate. Serve over ice with chopped mint leaf.

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**Medicinal properties are listed as a guide only, Lylliths' Emporium is not responsible for any misuse of herbs, resins, berries or oils - always seek professional medical advice before using natural therapies.

Information Sourced From: our own private collection of grimoires and herbal lore, from working with herbs ourselves and also some information here from Wikipedia.