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Author: Lyllith Dragonheart

I am insanely excited to offer my first self-published Tarot deck! Even more exciting is the fact that I've sold out yet again!!!

I'm hoping to place another order with my printers soon, unfortunately with the current World issues and fall of the Aussie dollar I simply can't afford to right now without raising the price ridiculously. If you can't wait, please contact me for the link to purchase direct from my Printer in the USA as they do offer one-off orders on my behalf, though I'm unsure on how much this will cost at present. To pre-order or go on the waiting list please also contact me Xx

Lylliths' Tarot is based on the original Rider Waite system and imagery for the Major Arcana with simplified yet relevant images throughout the Minor Arcana cards.

One big difference is that Lyllith has created this deck with the Swords corresponding to the element of Fire and action, while the Wands become the intellectual element of Air.

Lylliths' Tarot is an easy to use deck with appropriate imagery to decipher the card meanings and messages provided when using them.

Featuring beautifully hand drawn illustrations and a comprehensive booklet, this Tarot deck is sure to be a favourite among Tarot readers of all levels.

  • 78 Cards - 22 Major Arcana & 56 Minor Arcana
  • 28 page colour booklet
  • colour tuck box


*US/UK Customers, you may prefer to order directly from the printers' retail store to reduce shipping time, please feel free to ask for the link Xx

*** Please note that these decks are printed on order in the USA and will take a few weeks to arrive in stock unless I have some on hand. - thankyou for your patience.