Malachite - tumbled stones

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Malachite is an extremely powerful stone, one which needs to be handled with extreme caution and it is highly recommended to only be used in treatments by or under supervision of an experienced and qualified crystal healer.

Not everyone can connect with or handle Malachite, it can be quite a temperamental stone but for those fortunate enough to be able to work with it will find the benefits tremendous.

Caution must also be taken with Malachite in forms other than tumbled as in it's raw form Malachite is highly toxic and should not be used in an elixir unless created using the indirect method.

Now that all of the warnings and precautions have been mentioned, let's take a look at the wonderful properties of Malachite....

Malachite amplifies all energy, whether positive or negative while grounding spiritual energies onto the planet. It has been said by many that Malachite is actually still evolving and will eventually become one o the most important healing stones of the new millennium.

Malachite is a strong protective stone which should be cleansed regularly, and before and after each use preferably by placing it on a Quartz cluster in the sun.

An honest and stern stone, Malachite will show you the blockages you have on a spiritual level and forces us to take responsibility for our own actions, thoughts and emotions.

Although I have never seen it listed as a property of Malachite, I personally find it helpful for meditation and during Astral travel particularly for the return journey back to the body.

In healing, Malachite is very versatile. It is particularly useful for cramps, facilitates childbirth (has been known as the midwife stone), resonates with female sexual organs, lowers blood pressure, treats asthma, arthritis, joints, travel sickness, vertigo, enhances immune system, stimulates the liver to release toxins among many other healing benefits and uses.