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Mandrake Root, chopped (Poison, do not take internally)


Botanical name: Podophyllum peltatum "Mayapple / American Mandrake" (Atropa mandragora, Mandragora officinale not currently available)

Folk Names: Alraun, Anthropomorphon, Baaras, Brain Thief, Circeium, Circoea, Galgenmannchen, Gallows, Herb of Circe, Hexenmannchen, Witches' Mannildn, Ladykins, Mandragn, Mandragor, Mannikin, Racoon Berry, Semihomo, Wild Lemon, Womandrake, Zauberwurzel, Sorcerers' Root

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mercury

Element: Fire

Deities: Hecate, Hathor

Powers: Protection, Fertility, Money, Love, Health

Magickal Uses: Mandrake root placed in the home provides protection to the home as well as fertility and prosperity. Mandrake is often hung on the headboard for protection during sleep. Carried, it attracts love and can also prevent disease. It is said that where mandrake resides a demon can not and so it is also used in exorcism rites. 

Healing Properties: Not recommended unless by a registered and trained professional.

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**Medicinal properties are listed as a guide only, Lylliths' Emporium is not responsible for any misuse of herbs, resins, berries or oils - always seek professional medical advice before using natural therapies.

Information Sourced From: Cunninghams' Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Scott Cunningham.
Wikipedia,,,, And our own private collection of grimoires and herbal lore