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Moldavite Gem Elixir is an amazing way to work with the properties of Moldavite to help remove blockages and obstacles in your life so that you can move forward spiritually, emotionally and often physically as well. 

These Gem Elixirs are blended by hand in-store with an intuitively selected blend of essential oils with similar spiritual properties to those of the Moldavite itself, each bottle contains a small piece (chip) of genuine Moldavite 

Blended in a base of Jojoba and Grapeseed Oils, this Elixir is safe to apply to the skin - typically a drop on your third eye or heart chakra points.

Bottles have been charged within a crystal grid of larger Moldavite and Clear Quartz crystal points. 

Moldavite Elixir is wonderful for removing emotional blockages, clearing the auric energy fields, balancing and activating the chakras (particularly the Heart Chakra), clearing past life trauma and any cycles brought forward into the current lifetime. 

Moldavite is an extremely potent and powerful "crystal" (it's in fact a meteorite found only in one location along the river banks of the Moldau River) which forces you to face that which is holding you back, opening your eyes to toxic relationships and situations and encouraging changes necessary for moving forward. 

Do not take internally, not for consumption. Use 1 drop to begin with on either your wrist, third eye or over your heart prior to meditation or when ready to work with these properties.

Moldavite may be too intense for some people, even a tiny piece inside these bottles, if you feel too overwhelmed wrap the bottle in a dark coloured cloth and put it aside until you are ready.

  • 15ml
  • contains genuine Moldavite chip/s 
  • glass dropper

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Just beautiful

❤️A hidden gem, I can’t wait for your new shop to open 🥰 I’m really enjoying your products, and I’m so glad I found your beautiful space.