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Mugwort - 10g

Botanical name: Artemisia vulgaris

Folk Names: Artemis Herb, Artemisia, Felon Herb, Muggons, Naughty Man, Old Man, Old Uncle Henry, Sailors' Tobacco, St. Johns Plant (not to be confused with St Johns Wort)

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Deities: Diana, Artemis, 

Powers: strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing, astral projection and astral travel.

Magickal Uses: Mugwort is commonly placed in shoes to gain strength and stamina during long walks, hiking or running. To provoke lucid dreaming or enhance prophetic dreams, place mugwort in your pillow or create a herb pillow. Mugwort is one of the most popular herbs for scrying, often burned with Sandalwood for this as an incense. 

We like to cleanse our crystal balls, scrying mirrors and pendulums in an infusion of mugwort, dittany of crete and wormwood. Mugwort tea can also be drunk before scrying and mugwort placed beneath or with your divination tools is also helpful in psychic workings.

Mugwort is also used in luck and fertility spells.

Healing Properties: For centuries, Mugwort has been used in healing for epilepsy, stomach pains and the female reproductive system. It has mild sedative and antispasmodic properties. An infusion of the dried leaves and flowers helps expel pin worms. Mix the dry herb with honey and apply to bruises to fade them. Infusion - 25g dried herb to 450ml boiling water, allow to steep several minutes add honey to taste.

*Our herbs are packaged in little plastic ziplock bags with labels

**Medicinal properties are listed as a guide only, Lylliths' Emporium is not responsible for any misuse of herbs, resins, berries or oils - always seek professional medical advice before using natural therapies.

Information Sourced From: Cunninghams' Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Scott Cunningham. 
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