Natural Lodestone with Food

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We have been keeping these natural lodestones well fed and now they are ready to leave home and find their purpose helping their keeper. 

*** We only have a few left, some are not as healthy as the others (still alive though!) so are travelling with little companions who are too small to be alone but are super healthy!) ***

  • 1x Natural Lodestone (size & weight varies)
  • Glass corked bottle of "food" (Iron fillings)
  • Boxed

Lodestones are usually kept in charm or mojo bags and used to attract or pull things to them and whomever feeds them. Prodominantly used to attract wealth, success, abundance, good luck, good health and to increase health. 

Lodestones are naturally magnetized pieces of the mineral Magnetite; naturally occuring magnets which can attract iron. 

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Excellent product

I received my lodestone. I received one large one and 2 small ones. The smaller ones are extremely healthy the large one is also healthy but not to the extent as the smaller ones. They have been working well since their arrival.