Petrified Wood - tumbled stones

Lylliths' Emporium


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Petrified Wood is formed when a living tree falls into water and elements such as manganese, iron and copper are absorbed alchemically, in some cases the wood turns to silica and the stone then contains Aragonite - a powerful earth healer. It is strongly suggested that Petrified Wood is chosen by it's feel and energy rather than it's looks and appearance.

(If purchasing from us online, we tune into your energy and those of the stones to find which one is for you, not only with Petrified Wood but with all of our stones)

Petrified Wood hold ancient wisdom through its long service to the planet, connecting with these stones they will mentor you and teach you how to live as a spiritual being in a human body and how to help take care of the Earth.

Petrified Wood is a very calming stone, it helps ease stress and worry particularly over the little things. It promotes acceptance of things you can not change or control and helps teach us the difference of these and those we can do something about so as we can focus our energy where needed.

A wonderful stone for those in the fields of History, Architecture, Archeology, Librarians and those who live in old buildings or those with structural damage. Petrified Wood promotes a respect and understanding for all things old and wise.

When used in healing, Petrified Wood is used to treat the immune system, joints, muscles, bones, feet, back, nervous system and the lungs, it is said to be beneficial for those with chronic fatigue (CFS) and genetic disorders and is believed by many to help slow the ageing process.