Plantain (Waybread)

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Plantain, dried herbs - leaf & stems 10g

Botanical name: Plantago major

Folk Names: Cuckoos' Bread, Englishmans' Foot, The Leaf of Patrick, Patricks' Dock, Ripple Grass, St. Patricks' Leaf, Slan-lus, Snakebite, Snakeweed, Waybread, Waybroad, Weybroed, White Mans' Foot, broadleaf plantain, white man's foot, or greater plantain

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Powers: Healing, Strength, Protection, Snake Repelling (lore)

Magickal Uses: Plantain bound in red wool and worn around the head is said to cure headaches, when placed beneath the feet - removes weariness.

Plantain is placed in the car to protect against intrusion of evil spirits and the house for the same. 

Healing Properties: Bronchitis, Asthma, Chest infections, Coughs, Skin Irritations, wounds

*Our herbs are packaged in little plastic ziplock bags with labels

**Medicinal properties are listed as reference only, Lylliths' Emporium is not responsible for any misuse of herbs, resins, berries or oils - always seek professional medical advice before using natural therapies.

Information Sourced From: Cunninghams' Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Scott Cunningham. 
Wikipedia,,,, And our own private collection of grimoires and herbal lore

Plantago major

*Traditional, Magical and Medicinal properties will be updated soon

Our herbs are packaged in little plastic ziplock bags with labels