Pyrite - tumbled stones

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Pyrite - also known as Iron Pyrite or Fools' Gold

Pyrite is an amazing energy shield blocking negative energy and pollutants on all levels and is an extremely positive stone.

A wonderful stone for use in business, when placed on a desk it energizes the area and promotes creative and positive ideas and goals showing the potential of situations and how to use these to a positive advantage.

Pyrite reduces stress, anxiety and frustration providing you with a boost of confidence and motivation, particularly helpful for men who may feel inferior and brings out a more macho and masculine energy. This also makes the stone a little too much for the already macho man as it may bring out an aggressive side.

In healing, Pyrite is very useful for the brain, stimulating blood flow and improving memory and recall. Pyrite is often used to treat bones, cellular formation, gastric upset and digestive tract.