Rehmannia Root - Traditionally Processed

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Rehmannia Root - Traditionally Processed, 10g

Rehmannia glutinosa - shēng dì huáng / gān dì huáng

  • I chose to order a small amount of this particular root for my own study in Chinese Medicine, if it gains popularity I will continue to stock it and also connect with the root itself to see how it can be helpful in magickal practices.

Magickal Uses: Sleep - to induce (good for insomnia) - No particular magickal uses are really documented, though being the root of the plant, one would assume Rehmannia root can be used for protection. 

Healing Properties: Rehmannia is commonly found in herbal combinations used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Medicine. Rehmannia is used for diabetes, “tired blood” (anemia), fever, weakened bones (osteoporosis), and allergies; and as a general tonic. (It smells absolutely delicious just FYI)

Steamed Rehmannia is said to be the “Kidney’s own food.” It is renowned as a Kidney tonic herb and is found in many traditional and modern formulations for longevity and rejuvenation. Traditionally it was a very common lead herb in formulations to promote healthy aging and to preserve one’s youth. It is a premium blood tonic and is said to benefit sexual functions in men and women. Rehmannia is not a tonic herb when it is consumed raw (un-cooked). It must be steamed in wine vapor to modulate its chemistry and action into that of a “tonic.”

(these are prepared correctly)



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