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  • Small (roughly the size of a golf ball to a tennis ball while dried)
  • Large (roughly the size of a tennis ball  to baseball when dried)
  • X-Large (roughly the size of 2 tennis balls while dried)

Rose of Jericho, also known as the Resurrection Plant, "Siempre Viva" (i.e. everlasting), Rosa Mariae, and also Dinosaur Plant.

Rose of Jericho is a truly unique, wonderful and magickal plant. It is commonly used for protection, love, peace & harmony. The water strained from a resurrected plant is often used in spells and rituals along with being sprinkled around the home.

To keep your Rose of Jericho, ensure it dries out completely when allowing it to have a rest period - generally 2 days up to 2 weeks at a time.

Your Rose of Jericho will not die, even when dried and curled back into a ball it is still very much alive and can be re-watered to bring it back to it's fullest. 

To resurrect your plant, place it in a shallow dish or bowl and water it, you can use cold, warm or even boiling water to bring it "back to life" you can not kill it! The warmer your water, the faster it will spring back out and turn green once more.

Plants generally start to open within a few minutes, if children are patient enough they love watching the magick happen! Most will be completely open within an hour and start turning green, they should be completely open and green by the following day.

We keep our family Rose of Jericho "Jerry" on a large plate of garden pebbles.

Water each day for up to 7 days, then allow it to take a holiday and dry out again completely before you start over. 

The water from your plant can be used for your magickal purposes.

Suggestions on using your Rose of Jericho water:

  • sprinkling around the home for protection & peace
  • use for annointing candles, crystals etc. in love spells
  • draw/paint symbols of protection on your front door
  • add to bath water for healing, tranquility and harmony
  • add to floor washes for cleansing and protection
  • use it to cleanse crystals and ritual tools 

Sold individually, each "Rose" is unique in size & appearance

Average size when dried is roughly between a golf ball and tennis ball in size.


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This is absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed sorting my herbs while watching this transform for 4 hours. I love it! It’s smells like moss/pine. It’s got a pleasant scent to it.

Anne Ings

I've never had one before,it's very unusual. Is it suppose too give a scent of pine out.

Jenny Devon
Very Happy

I recently purchased a Rose of Jericho plant from Lylliths' Emporium website. it arrived by post a couple of days after ordering, beautifully packaged and just as described. It was truly amazing watching it come back to life. It's a beautiful, healthy plant. I'm an avid house plant collector and so very happy I bought this one.

Dan Austin

Fast delivery of an impressive little curiosity

Rose of Jerico

Beautiful and perfect....😍