Rose Quartz - tumbled stones

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Rose Quartz - The love stone.

Rose Quartz is a stone of friendship and unconditional love, promoting inner peace and is the most important crystal for working with the Heart Chakra.

These beautiful pink stones purify and teach us the true essence of love including self-love and acceptance. Rose Quartz is said to invite romance into ones life and is particularly useful for those who tend to attract the "wrong kind of love" 

Rose Quartz is very calming and soothing, it makes for excellent gridwork particularly around the home or bedroom as it restores harmony, trust and strengthens relationships whilst offering protection from negative energies and vibes.

A stone of self-worth, Rose Quartz is perfect for those who need a confidence boost or who think themselves unworthy of love.

In healing, Rose Quartz is commonly used to strengthen the heart, circulatory system, chest and lung issues, kidneys, fertility, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and senile dementia. As an elixir, Rose Quartz is often used for burns, blisters and skin complexion.