Ruby in Fuchsite - tumbled stones

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Ruby Fuchsite takes on the properties of both Ruby and Fuchsite. The Fuchsite calms the otherwise strong and direct power of the Ruby, toning it down making it easier to work with for those who are more sensitive or irritable.

Together they become a wonderful and powerful yet gentle healing stone.

Fuchsite (also known as Green Muscovite) is a wonderful stone particularly for those who have trouble saying "no" to others and tend to allow other people to take advantage of their good nature.

Fuchsite accesses knowledge with great practical value, allowing us to understand our interaction with others. It deals with issues of servitude from past lives as well as the present and reverses the tendency to fall into helper or rescuer mode to save or help another then become a victim of the rescued.

A wonderful stone for those in the herbal and holistic treatment field, as it can channel information about natural remedies. Fuchsite allows us to find guidance on health matters and provides insight to the most holistic action to take.

In healing, Fuchsite amplifies the energy of other crystals and helps with their transfer of healing vibrations to the patient. It releases blockages caused by excess energy by shifting this energy into positive channels. Fuchsite helps balance the red and white blood cell ratio, alleviates carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries, realigns the spine and helps increase and sustain flexibility in the muscles.

Ruby is a high energy stone which promotes motivation, energy and drive. It can at times be a little too much for those who are sensitive as it pushes us to move forward at a faster pace while still ensuring all is done accurately bringing a sense of panic to such people.

Ruby stimulates the heart chakra, provides passion for life in a positive and non destructive way and is a powerful shield against psychic attack. Long believed to be a stone to protect from vampires and still used to guard against psychic vampirism.

A stone for leadership, Ruby sharpens awareness in the mind and is excellent for concentration. It does however bring up anger to be dealt with so take care using Ruby if you are hot-tempered.

In healing, Ruby detoxifies the blood and the body as a whole, it is used to treat fevers, infection, stimulates the kidneys and reproductive systems and is beneficial for the heart and circulatory system.