Rutilated Quartz - tumbled stones

Lylliths' Emporium


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Rutile, also known as Titanium is the beautiful gold splinters inside the Quartz crystal, giving these stones their name, Rutiliated Quartz or also known as Angels Hair.

Rutiliated Quartz brings the etheral energy to the Clear Quartz in which it resides. It enhances out of body travel and facilitates an Angelic connection, allowing you to connect deeply with your guides as well as the Angels.

These beautiful stones may seem gentle, but they accelerate spiritual growth by going directly to the core of the matter forcing you to deal with it in order to develop.

Rutiliated Quartz is a stone of action, whether in a physical, emotional or spiritual sense it will go straight into the depths and to the root of the issue, bringing it to the surface and making sure it is dealt with. 

Rutiliated Quartz connects us to the Earths' core energy and links it through us to the cosmic energies, a truly remarkable stone in terms of energy as well as it's appearance.

In healing, Rutiliated Quartz is highly regarded among crystal healers and if quite often used in healing grids and energy work for healing the body. It is also extremely beneficial in treating sexual dysfunction whether it be premature ejaculation, impotence, frigidity or inorgasmia. Rutiliated Quartz is also beneficial for nursing mothers, promoting lactation.