Serpentine - tumbled stones

Lylliths' Emporium


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Serpentine is a beautiful earthing stone which aids in meditation and spiritual exploration.

Our Serpentine is of the lighter green variety, also referred to as the "Infinite Stone" which is a gentler version of the darker counterpart. 

Serpentine allows you to connect with the angelic realm and spirit guides, it is useful for past life regression and recall and promotes compassion and forgiveness for those who may have gone through terrible ordeals in a previous life.

A stone for those confronting the past, including people who may have caused harm previously it is a wonderful stone for children attending court for legal matters involving sexual predators (as well as adults in the same circumstances)

In healing, Serpentine and Infinite Stone, are generally used for pain relief particularly from cramps and muscular aches and pains.