Sodalite tumbled stones

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Sodalite is a stone best used to unite intuition with logic, it opens our spiritual perception and helps us translate information from within the higher mind into the physical mind in order to better understand.

Sodalite drives truth and idealism, when used in meditation it shows you how and why you are in a current circumstance and how to better yourself and be true to yourself. It promotes confidence and enables you to stand up for yourself without becoming arrogant.

Often confused with Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite features white markings while Lapis holds flecks of gold. Sodalite being the gentler stone of the two but both very spiritual stones.

Sodalite is a wonderful stone for the mind, brings emotional balance, encourages rational thought, truth and objectivity. It also encourages verbalization of feelings and thoughts to others.

In healing, Sodalite balances the metabolism, improves calcium intake, cleanses the lymphatic system, boosts immune system, combats insomnia, treats vocal cords, throat and cools fevers, lowers blood pressure and stimulates fluid absorption in the body.