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These little soy melts, made from 100% pure soy wax, have been created for those who either can't burn candles or don't like to, or for those who simple prefer to use an oil burner with soy melts. 

Each melt is coloured corresponding to their purpose and scented with pure 100% essential oil to match. They also contain a pinch or two of my own unique and special blends of Ritual & Spell Herbal Blends. 

My Spell melts are charmed and blessed both during the making process as well as after they are unmolded to fill them with the right intentions for their purpose specifically for the person who puts them into the oil burner.

They can be used with both traditional tea light oil burners and also electric burners, though personally I would suggest traditional. If you do decide to use them in an electric oil burner, I would recommend adding to your spell chant something along the lines of "May the electricity running to this burner add a spark to my spell" 

Currently Available:

  • Prosperity
  • Protection
  • Love & Lust
  • Meditation
  • Divination
  • Success
  • Happiness 

Each melt weighs approx. 5g

*** Prices vary per spell due to the essential oils as well as the cost of herbs in the blends used.

Customer Reviews

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Carolenna Rogers
Spell Melts

All of the spell melts smelt lovely! They arrived fast!

Prosperity and happiness melts

Love the melts! They make it very easy to cast a quick and simple spell - and the fragrances last well. I received these as a free gift from being a member of the Cauldron Club ☺️