Spinel Matrix - tumbled stones

Lylliths' Emporium


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Spinel is a beautiful crystal which connects with energy renewal and is particularly useful in difficult situations. 

It promotes rejuvenation, opens the chakras and facilitates Kundalini energy movement up the spine.

Spinel is wonderful for achieving and accepting success without humility.

The colours specific to these tumbled stones also provide the following qualities:

Black - offers insight into material issues and encourages forward movement, protects and earths energy to balance the rise of Kundalini.

Colourless - mystical, stimulates higher communication and links the chakras on the physcial body with the crown chakra on the etheral body promoting vision and enlightenment.

Violet - stimulates spiritual development and astral travel by aligning the crown chakra and opening it.

Some pieces may also include Red Spinel, which stimulates physical vitality and strength working on the base chakra.

*Matrix is the bedrock, or base on which the Spinel is created.