Stichtite - tumbled stones

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Stichtite is a wonderful stone for those who feel "lost". It encourages you to manifest your true selves in order to live in accordance with your soul contract for this present life.

Stichtite is a powerful, protective stone and enables the movement of Kundalini energy up the spine to the heart.

This beautiful lavender coloured stone helps keep the mind, opinions and emotional awareness tuned and teaches how negative emotions affect your well being and life in general. A wonderful stone for those new to the principals of Law of Attraction.

A stone of resilience, recovery and support, Stichtite is a wonderful stone for those suffering from, or recovering from eating disorders, self harm and or depression.

Stichtite is commonly suggested for Indigo Children, children with ADHD, ADD, general hyperactivity and similar issues. It provides a calming energy and influence and a sense of companionship.

In healing, Stichtite is beneficial for ADHD, skin, stretchmarks, headaches, hernia, teeth and gums, Parkinsons and dementia. Stichtite also helps calm the nerves and stabilizes blood pressure. It is also said to help balance brain chemistry.

Keep in pocket and hold when needed.