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Sunstone is a happy and vibrant stone, it instills happiness and good nature. Sunstone also helps heighten your intuition.

A wonderful stone for those who need to remember to nurture themselves and take care of themselves rather than always looking out for others and ignoring their own needs (see also Fuschite)

Sunstone clears all Chakras and brings light and positive energy. Traditionally considered a good luck stone for luck and fortune. A great stone for helping you to break free and cut ties from negative people or those who have sunk their hooks into you including over protective parents, possessive lovers or over bearing relatives etc. Sunstone helps you to break these ties by sending their energy back to them in a loving way.

Emotionally, Sunstone is perfect for those with anxiety, depression, bad moods and any negative feelings. Sunstone lifts these feelings and replaces them with loving and cheerful energies.

A stone of confidence and self worth, optimism and enthusiasm. Place Sunstone on the Solar Plexus to lift out the deep set and heaviest of issues and feelings.

In healing, Sunstone is wonderful for natural healers, particularly those who are still learning how to use their gifts as it stimulates self-healing powers. Nervous system, organs, sore throats, stomach pain (can also help relieve stomach ulcers), depression, general pains and aches in the body.

Sunstone draws energy from the Sun and is best charged in the Sunlight for a few hours, you can also use it in the sunlight to increase it's powers and energy.