Sweetgrass Braid

Lylliths' Emporium


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Sweetgrass is burned for smudging. It is believed to please everybody, so when you burn sweetgrass, you may also want to burn some white sage to get rid of the more negative influences.

These braids aren't as high quality as we would have liked, so we are selling them at a reduced price while we source a new supplier. They will definitely still do the job as intended, they are just a little "too dry" for our liking so you may even like to dampen them before lighting to avoid flame (perhaps test first)

Lighting sweetgrass is best done with a long bbq lighter as it requires a longer time to light than sage. Hold the braid in the flame and rotate so all sides get lit. Give it a good blow and a shake. You should see smoke and no flames, and smell a sweet, almost vanilla-like fragrance. Follow the same smudging technique as with sage, moving around your house.

Approx. 65-75cm long