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"Throwing Bones" is a form of divination & fortune telling. It dates far back and has been used within many different traditions and cultures.

The mats crafted for these kits are my own design which was given to me in a vision when working with my Ancestors and Freyja.

These starter sets include the following items:

  • Natural Suede Casting Mat - hand pyrographed (darker suede has a slightly different design for easier reading)
  • Ethically sourced bones & teeth
  • Various charms & curios (including handmade pieces)
  • Numbered Die
  • Hand made faux leather drawstring pouch
  • Information Sheets

Each set comes packaged in a recycled cardboard box, perfect for gifting or storing your collection as it grows.

A Bone Throwing collection, generally consists of Bones, shells, nuts, botanicals, trinkets and charms. There is no “set way” to throw bones, or to read them. Each set is unique just as each reader who uses them does so in their own unique way.

Bone throwing is a tool, it is a link of communication from your Ancestors and the Spirits. Most treat their bones as a living being, feeding their collection and talking to each piece as well as the set as a whole, as you would speak with your Ancestors.

Bone Throwing is a skill that is practiced and learned from practical experience, rather than something that is taught like most other forms of divination can be.

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Kaitlyn Deklerk
Couldn't be happier!

I adore this set, it really is the perfect starter! I love the mat and the handmade aspects x I also made my own charm for the set to represent the self.