Tiger Eye - Blue (and Hawks Eye)

Lylliths' Emporium


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Blue Tiger Eye is a calming stone which alleviates stress and anxiety as well as anger and phobias. It slows the metabolism and cools an overactive mind as well as an overactive sex drive, it also dissolves sexual frustration.

Some of our Blue Tiger Eye stones also have the hawk-like bandings and "eyes" making them officially Hawks' Eye stones. Hawks Eye is an excellent healing stone particularly for the eyes and vision. It also increases psychic abilities and attracts abundance when placed int he homes' wealth corner.

Hawks Eye are wonderful for dissolving negative thought patterns and helps unlock underlying emotions issues.

As well as the Blue Tiger Eye properties, these stones also take on the generic attributes of Golden Tiger Eye which are as follows.

Tiger Eye combines energies of the Earth and Sun to create high vibrations which are also grounded. Placed on the third eye they increase psychic abilities in Earthy people and balance the lower chakras.

A very protective stone which has long been carried as a talisman against curses and negative energies, Tiger Eye teaches us to correctly use power with integrity.

Tiger Eye is a wonderful stone for those who struggle with commitment or who may be "floaty" as they ground and motivate our will.

Tiger Eye has long been used for those with mental and personality disorders by centering their thoughts, emotions and energies to make them more whole.

In healing, Tiger Eye treats the eyes and is said to help increase night vision. Tiger Eye is often used to treat the throat, reproductive organs and the bones, particularly to speed up the healing process of broken bones.