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Vanilla Bean - Vanilla aromatica / Vanilla planifolia v. tahitensis - each

Our Vanilla Beans come from a highly respected food industry supplier and are Grade A Gourmet Vanilla beans, cured using the bourbon method, made famous by the vanilla growers of Madagascar. - Sooo yummy!

  • Gender: Feminine
  • Planet: Venua
  • Element: Water
  • Powers: Love, Lust, Mental Powers
  • Deities: Goddess

Magickal Uses: Generally added to love blends and potions, vanilla is considered to be lust inducing when smelt or tasted. 

Healing Properties: Vanilla is said to support weight loss with it's natural appetite suppressing properties, it is also used to help lower cholesterol and help speed up metabolism. It's most commonly used and known for adding flavour to food and drinks though unfortunately many companies use the imitation flavouring as it is much, much cheaper.





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